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Kara Davis is an extremely sexy and beautiful black babe who loves posing, getting naked and getting into mind blowing, hardcore fucking action. If you are bored and tired of all these ordinary porn action, and you’re ready for something amazing and exclusive of course, I’m more then sure that you will love what you get here! The content at Kara Davis is all about solo and hardcore action, with lots of cock sucking action, lots of handjobs and also, lots hardcore pussy fucking!

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Kara Davis gives you over 36 great quality videos available for both download and online streaming. The average length of the videos are about 35 minutes and comes in great looking, downloadable Windows Media Video ( 400x300px ) and Mpeg ( 480x360px ). There are also over 36 photo galleries, with about 100 photos in each set. Sadly, even if the images are all high quality, there are no high resolution formats for some reason. No downloadable Zip files for the sets either, so you’ll have to download everything one by one.

The monthly price for Kara Davis is 24.88$, which seems to be a great price for such a nice, exclusive and mind blowing content. If you ask me, Kara Davis is a great site and it definitely worth any money! Don’t hesitate, join the world of Kara Davis and see her in mind blowing action!


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