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We discover Marcus, a worker who only stays in the building under construction where he works and far from continuing, decides to call Lucia, a very morbid Spanish nurse who likes to fuck hard. When Lucia arrives in the building under construction, Marcus quickly grabs her brutally and lays her on her lap so she can enjoy her rich and wet pussy. Although Lucie first tried to resist Marcus' huge tail, she finally did not resist much resistance at his entrance when he placed her on his hard tail. While both fucks very hard, Lucia can't deny that she comes like a burning bitch.

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After fucking Lucia hard by the pussy, Marcus prepares her to put her huge cock in her tight ass. Lucia doesn't seem too funny to be a bums buero from behind, but when Marcus puts his huge dick up his ass, he has no choice but to support. He starts to introduce his tail slowly and as the ass adapts to his huge size, the tail enters and exits more easily. Finally, as Marcus enters this nymphomaniac nurse, she begins to masturbate. Well, as expected, he eventually became a real anal addict. Young Lucie will probably come home with traces of Marcus' milk in her ass after enjoying an incredible dose of anal sex.

The scene is shot in a friend's private garden, and the actors are friends but they prefer to go anonymous, it's to show you that anal sex can be done anywhere when you're well trained.

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